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Happy 4th of July: Floor Mechanics is Proud to be an American company!

Happy 4th of July: Floor Mechanics is Proud to be an American company!

Jul 3rd 2023

The story started with a simple idea: solving problems for hardwood flooring contractors.

Rob Burroughs, like many of us, learned about the industry from someone already in it. In Rob’s case, it was his dad, Jerry, who was a contractor in West Virginia.

“My father was an install/sand/finish contractor from 1985 until he retired. He was definitely the source of inspiration and knowledge which helped get my company started. There would be no Floor Mechanics without my dad and without him teaching me what he knew about flooring,” said Rob.

Challenges seemed to crop up a lot. “There was no local distributor. The closest one was 5-6 hours away. A truck would come once every three weeks. So if you didn’t know what you needed for the next three weeks, you were in trouble.”

Rob saw the challenges his dad and other contractors in the area faced in getting the right materials when he needed them, so he decided to do something about it. There had to be a better way! In 2005, Rob launched Floor Mechanics out of his garage in Nebraska.

The company has grown quite a bit from those early days, and now Floor Mechanics has locations in Nebraska, West Virginia, and Nevada. These locations allow us to serve contractors across the United States (and beyond!) with fast, accurate shipping.

Floor Mechanics is proud to be an American company, born here from the needs of rural contractors. We're proud to support hardwood flooring contractors from coast to coast and everywhere in between.